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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  May 18, 2014 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> good evening. >> here's the top stories we're following right now? san francisco, a much calma beta breakers race this morning. about 40,000 ran it. police say there were four arrests with three injuries. this year a larger police presence at the race. the city also blocked off alamo square after complaints from neighbors. plus, time is running out for voters to register for june's primary election. people have until monday to make sure their vote counts. that's tomorrow. nation. new concerns about the
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possibility of the spread of the mers virus. it's similar to the sars virus that killed hundreds a decade ago. a third person has tested positive in illinois. firefighters are getting control of most of the wildfires in southern california. all evacuation orders have been lifted in san diego county. four fires are still burning, including three at camp pendleton. >> reporter: the air attack is not over above camp pendleton. nbc news rode along as a helicopter dropped water on the stubborn flames burning here. the pilot lives in this area, so the mission is personal. >> this is our community. i want to be able to contribute back by taking care of them. >> reporter: the skies are looking much better than they did a few days ago when flames tore through the region, threatening thousands of homes.
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at least 60 houses and condos did not make it. >> we lost our house, but everybody is safe and all of my friends are out, and that's what matters. >> reporter: a dozen fires have burned through 27,000 parched acres north of san diego this past week. in what's likely a destructive prelude. in kansas, car washes are only five days a week. >> everybody is concerned we're going to run out of water by the end of this year. >> reporter: a new report reveals the government expects to spend $1.8 billion fighting fires this season, at least $470 million more than what's available. expecting the worst, california hired 300 additional firefighters just days before the san diego fires.
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>> it's a huge difference. it allows us to have the hands on difference and put the fires out. >> the revised budget includes more than $150 billion for fire danger. and state lawmakers have until june 15 to get a budget to the governor's office. let's take a live look at the san mateo bridge. according to police, travel is not recommended for campers or trailers. let's look out now from emeryville. you can see a bit of a bounce there in the camera. on the richardson bay bridge, it's rarely that windy. i got pushed around driving out there today, rob mayeda. >> we're seeing wind speeds out there up to 20 miles per hour.
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right now we're seeing some gusty winds into san jose. gusts up to 25 miles per hour. and also around san francisco, it's been a very blustery day. you can see the low clouds there, wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. bay area wide, winds primarily on shore. notice the direction of the arrows here. so the air isn't quite dry out there. the marine air continues to surge inland. that's why the temperatures have been fairly cool today. later this week, north winds pick up as the temperatures begin to climb. tonight, gusty winds through about 8:00 or so. tomorrow morning, some mist possible on the koeps. now we're tracking a chance of showers. starting off in the north bay tomorrow as a cold weather system drops in from the north, this system will bring cooler air aloft with a chance of thunder showers. across the rest of the bay area on tuesday and with dry lightning part of the potential, that increases fire danger for
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parts of the bay area. we'll look at that in the forecast coming up. back to you. he's mentally challenged and off his meds and no one know where is he is. the search is on for 52-year-old joseph. he hasn't been seen since yesterday. police say he has the mental ka passty as a 10-year-old and considered to be at risk because of his need for medications. he was last seen wearing a red shirt and a brown baseball hat. if you have information, police would like to hear from you. a gang inspired bar fight lands two in jail and one in the hospital. police say they rolled up outside the chrome lotus bar about 1:30 this morning and 29-year-old troy moore punched a woman in the face, knocking her out. when her boyfriend got involved, moore stabbed him. that's when 46-year-old wayne patrick jumped in and started screaming gang challenges.
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moore and patrick were arrested. the victims are expected to be okay. there's a bear -- beach battle going on. a judge walked along the beach and at issue ask a public access road. micro systems bought the property in 2008 and blocked off the road. a lawsuit was filed, claiming they failed to get a permit to close the road. both sides have until june 24 to submit closing arguments. back in business. san francisco's famous clay tower reopened following an eight-month restoration. the 88-year-old building was suffering from years of deflect.
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-- neglect. >> reporter: with all due respect to the transamerica pyramid, there's no building on san francisco skylines as unique at clay tower. while it's remained as part of the view for 80 years, the actual doors have been closed since october. >> this is the first update we've done in about 25 years. and it's the most expensive one we've done so far. >> reporter: following years of leaky roofs and decay, the city undertook a $1.7 million restoration of the tower and its murals. for six weeks, a team of artists touched up the murals, turning back time eight decades. 91-year-old ruth was 12 years old when her father bernard immortalized her likeness on the wall. the city celebrated the reopening. ruth happy to see her younger self fully restored. >> it's so subtle, but having seen rain tapes and marks by
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people, it's been beautifully done. >> if you were here a couple years ago, you would see paint peeling from the ceiling. >> reporter: neighborhood groups campaigned to get the city to restore the tower. the city responded with the restoration project. >> this is one of san francisco's most special icons. it means so much to the neighborhood and city. >> in addition, they're replacing leaky roofs and sprucing up the gift shops. >> you have to be very careful not to rattle or burn into the cage. >> reporter: the city also fixed up the old elevator, sort of. at the top of the ride, visitors can return to the startling 360 degree views of the city.
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>> and coming up next, the primary election is just around the corner. but much of the focus is really on the 2016 presidential raise. we'll have more on the political guessing game going on right now. plus, a protest on the red carpet. the latest hollywood star joining back the bring back our girls campaign.
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another hollywood star is defending her decision to stage a mini protest. summer hi yak is in france promoting her new movie "the
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prophet" and she's calling for the release of more than 200 nigerian schoolgirls who were kidnapped last month. >> i take the opportunity because there was a photographer to put some pressure on them to remind them we want these girls back. we have to do something about it. each though i'm so honored to be here and excited about my film, we don't forget about it. >> she's the latest star to lend her name oh a campaign calling for the girls' release. protests are not allowed on the red carpet, but she says she decided to risk it to promote the cause. the former first lady of california today weighed in on the firing of "new york times" executive editor joe abramson. her comments came this morning on "meet the press."
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she was abruptly fired. >> i think we need to have these discussions about leadership, about how women are treated, about the pay gap. we need to talk about modernizing our laws so that young women can grow up and work and still take care of their families, still be treated with respect. >> shriver was asked on the program in part because of her work with the shriver report. the report aims to raise awareness and inspire impact on issues facing women. according to the numbers, poverty would be cut in half in america if women were paid the same as men in the workforce. this coming tuesday is an important primary day and will shape the fight for control of congress. from the sunday talk shows, the big buzz was about an election two years from now. and hillary clinton. nbc's brian mooar has the story
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from washington. >> reporter: if there's a democratic presidential front-runner for 2016, just about everyone believes hillary clinton is it. >> well, i couldn't call it a coronation, but she's the favorite. >> she's an enormously capable candidate and leader. >> reporter: inevitable is what many democrats said about clinton the last time before she lost to barack obama. republicans want her out of this race long before it starts. develop strategist karl rove has been pushing a new line attack, hillary's health. >> a concussion is by definition a traumatic brain injury. >> reporter: most are weighing in on her performance as secretary of state. >> she clearly bears responsibility for whatever the state department did or department do. >> lit be an issue if she runs.
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>> reporter: a long run to the white house that's already stirring up excitement. and there's plenty of talk about another potential candidate, jeb bush and the possibility of another clinton-bush white house race. an unexpected former of former president george bush and his dog. he posted this photo on instagram this weekend to say goodbye to the scottish terrier who passed away yesterday. the former president wrote, she was a source of joy during our time in washington and in dallas. and that's not the usual position for a president, lying down, hugging his dog. kind of nice. >> it looks like it's the oval office. >> yeah. coming up, taking a tour inside a silicon valley lab. and the accidental discovery
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by a scientist that could he will -- help solve a pressing environmental problem.
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google glasses may be the next gadget paired with a stethoscope. medical students at uc er vine will use them this month. several medical institutions are testing the wearable computers. a surgeon at ucf started using them during his procedures last year, using a pair to reference x-ray images exile s while ope. a silicon valley tech researcher created a new kind of plastic and it could help rather than hurt the environment. scott budman takes us inside that lab. >> reporter: it's not a stretch to call this a life changing
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discovery. >> it's very cool. it's really exciting. >> reporter: jeanette garcia, an ibm chemist in san jose, thought she made a mistake in the lab. what she made was a brand new kind of plastic. >> plastics. it's a great future. >> i was really excited about this, because i had made plastic clearly. >> reporter: clearly a new product that could help our environment because it's recycleable and this new plastic is super strong and cheap to make. >> they are very inexpensive and start out with inexpensive starting materials. to i would envision that they would find a way into everyday constumer products. >> reporter: it's the kind of discovery that comes along once every few decades. though it took a while for jeanette to figure out what she made, it could be a legacy that changes everything from the way we build to the way we bag
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groceries. >> definitely proud of my work, proud of the paper, and really excited for the field to see it and to start having discussions with people about it. >> reporter: there is a future in plastics. thanks largely to the work done here. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> it's still early, but the science community is apparently buzzing about the potential uses, from aerospace to semi conductors. rob mayeda here to talk to us about the microclimate forecast. i guess the big element right now is the wind. >> the wind right now, and transition to almost winter-like weather for parts of northern california and jumping into summer as we approach memorial day weekend. right now the wind out there, 70s to upper 60s around the bay area. wind speeds anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour and some gusts between now and 8:00 will get above 35 miles per hour, especially across the central
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bay. livermore, winds at 20 miles per hour. you can see we have a cold system here that clearly shows up very well here on the satellite and radar view. the spin to the clouds have been tossing rain into the pacific northwest and this low will start to move further south tomorrow. so starting off in the north bay tomorrow, increase in clouds and increasing chance of showers and a chance of sierra snow late in the season. there's a chance of it. let's show you what's going on for monday. a few showers in the sierra, but the main event on tuesday is a cooler air aloft settles in, warming below, increasing instability around the bay area. right around lunchtime tuesday, into the afternoon and evening, especially out towards the north bay, we will see a chance of those tuesday showers, possibly isolated thunder. the issue with a chance of
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thunder showers, there's not a lot of rain out there. maybe just enough to wet the ground, but this is not going to be enough in some instances to put out any spot fires that any lightning strikes could start. so we'll have to watch out for dry lightning, meaning lightning without enough rain to put out the potential for fires. wednesday, the winds pick up out of the north, drying things out, too. take a look at the sierra on tuesday. snow levels as low as lake levels. that gives you an idea how cold the system is. freezing levels to 5500 feet. with that cold air aloft, that's a recipe for instability and a chance of seeing showers. temperatures are going to cool down all the way through tuesday and then things begin to change friday. now we go to a summer like change as high pressure builds in, in the valleys as early as next thursday. over the weekend, you're about
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to see here, we could see a few spotty showers. tomorrow, 70 degrees in san jose, partly cloudy skies. san francisco, 62. a quick outlook at the changes we'll see, san jose and san francisco seeing a chance of the showers on tuesday. and then those temperatures rebounding for the second half of the week. in the north bay tomorrow, highs in the 60s. notice danville, low 70s. the five-day outlook there in the north bay, notice the chance of showers starting tomorrow in santa rosa. temperatures really start to climb. ten rdegrees warmer on wednesda. temperatures climb heading towards next weekend. so the early view, temperatures climb into the low 90's in a few spots as we see a taste of winter followed up by summer-like temperatures. >> rob, thank you very much. still to come, it's back on
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earth. >> the space dragon wrapped up its mission. what it brought back that may help scientists at nasa.
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at&t says it's buying direct tv for $49 billion. now, the move could improve dallas based at&t's internet service. it will do that by pushing executive u-verse tv subscribers into video over satellite service, freeing up band width on its telecommunications network. direct tv would continue to be based in southern california after the merger. the companies expect to close the deal within a year following a government review. the cargo capsule built by space x is back on earth. the unpiloted capsule splashed down here baja, california early this morning, after spending a
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month at the international space station, the capsule left today loaded with nearly two tons of equipment. nasa contracts with space x to make deliveries because, of course, the space shuttle program was shut down. coming up in our next half hour, a high fire danger. now governor brown is sounding the alarm. we'll show you what he had to say about the california fire forecast. dozens of medical marijuana clubs have popped up all over san jose. now city hall is trying to reign them in a bit. the new rules and regulations that might be coming. and i'm live at the finish line of beta breakers. the race went off without any major problems, but i'll tell you about a snag that delayed the start of the race, coming up.
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coming up at 5:00, beating back flames and smoke in san diego county. thousands of firefighters are making progress this weekend. and we'll have the governor's response to the fire danger
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coming up. public health officials investigate spread of mers at home and abroad. plus, racers and some wacky ones crossed the finish lines. we'll show you the sights and sounds of today's beta breakers. now. >> good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm diane dwyer. firefighters are getting the upper hand on those wildfires in southern california. kimberly terry is in san jose with more on what the governor had to say today. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: this field is a perfect example of what firefighters are worried about. dry vegetation mixed with wind and heat is not a good combination. today, governor brown said that the state is in its toughest


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